For those serious about dancing, entry to the Dance102 Performance team is by audition only. This doesn’t mean students have to be great dancers straight away, but they do have to prove that they are willing to work hard!

Performance team members develop confidence, presence, teamwork and dance skill through stage performance and there is nothing quite like it!

Performance teams are grouped by age and compete in all styles.

Students who successfully audition for the Dance102 Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary Performance Team are required to take the following classes each week at a minimum to ensure the necessary development for performance;

  • 2 x Ballet classes
  • Kick Turn Jump class,
  • Acrobatics class
  • Performance routine class and;
  • Either a jazz or contemporary class.

Students who successfully enrol for the Dance102 Hip Hop Performance Team are required to take the following 5 classes each week at a minimum to ensure the necessary development for Performance;

  • Hip Hop class,
  • Hip Hop Performance class,
  • Acrobatics class,
  • Kick Turn Jump class
  • Jazz class.

Dance102 Performance Teams perform to live audiences at events including the Royal Easter Show and Gala event nights at The Star. The team also competes in competitions across Australia including the National Championships, held annually in Queensland.

It is imperative that students and parents understand the commitment and professionalism required as a performance team member. The following is required of all performance students:

  • Students MUST attend 80% of classes per term. (I.e. 8 out of 10 classes per term) or they may lose their position unless illness or injury has prevented their participation.
  • Wherever possible students should come and watch the class if they are injured.
  • If the student is unable to attend a class they should call to notify the teacher.
  • Team members are required to attend all Eisteddfod competitions
  • Costumes are required for performances and will be organised by Dance102, often with a new costume for each routine. Routines are usually renewed annually. Costumes typically cost between $100 -$160. Students keep the costume, which is made to measure.
  • A small, one off entry fee to Eisteddfod competitions is charged for each routine at the beginning of each calendar year, which covers entry into all competitions (excluding the Showcase National Championships) for that year.
  • All Dance102 performance team members are required to have a Dance102 performance team jacket to be worn to all competitions over the top of costumes at all times. Please contact for a sizing guide and to order.

Please contact to arrange an audition for the Dance102 Performance team or Josie on 0412639967 for more information.

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