Acrobatics classes for kids are on the rise as household names like the Cirque de Soleil continue to inspire young minds and dance competitions expect more from pre-professional performers. Balance, agility and coordination are essential when it comes to acrobatics and they have been valued for thousands of years as it is believed to date back to Ancient Rome.

In the 19th century, the circus was a popular attraction and these touring acts regularly featured acrobats. The success of the Cirque de Soleil took the feats of acrobatics to the next level, incorporating incredible choreography, staging and costuming to create an immersive atmosphere for the audience. Elements of acrobatics have since been incorporated into forms of dance, even amongst pre-professional student performers.

Acrobatics class at Dance102 is one of the most popular lessons that the studio has to offer! The skills taught in this class can be applied to a range of different dance styles and can bring a bit of wow factor to any routine. The most important thing is our students’ safety, so it is our first priority to ensure that both our teachers and our students understand how to make sure skills are learnt and rehearsed the right way in the classroom. Whether you’re looking for a bit of circus fun or want to give yourself an edge in competitions, our acrobatics class is the place for you.

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