Dance102 offers quality ballet classes in Sydney for students aged 3-18. We have classes at a wide range of levels with some dedicated towards examination work and others that follow the structure of competitions and auditions. We believe that ballet gives our dancers a strong foundation for the other styles of dance that they learn, so we like to encourage all our students to work towards their RAD examinations or attend open classes to build strong technique.

Ballet originated in renaissance Italy and was developed as an art form in both France and Russia. Pointe was not introduced until the early 1800’s and the design of the shoe has changed substantially since to give the dancers more comfort, flexibility and stability through their foot and ankle.

The technique learnt through ballet provides a strong basis for many other dance styles. The exercises are designed to help students learn how to point their feet correctly and use their metatarsals, stretch through the knee to create better lines with their body and turn out from the top of the leg to build strength in the correct muscles and prevent injury. Ballet is also important to develop the port de bras (arm movements) and core strength of the dancer as this is important to enhance lines and make the transition between steps seamless. These skills, among many others, are ingrained in a dancer through classical ballet training and will improve their overall technical ability and strength in other areas of dance.

In recent years, ballet has taken the spotlight with the success of TV shows such as Dance Academy and Breaking Pointe and movies like Ballerina and Disney’s Nutcracker and the Four Realms. If your children are interested in starting ballet or dance classes in Sydney, Dance102 is the place for you. Our experienced team of teachers love keeping children engaged in dance and have a wealth of knowledge to pass on to their students.

Baby Ballet

These classes are designed for students that are 3-4 years old and offer a great introduction to ballet through a combination of basic technique and imaginative exercises that are fun and exciting for the children. The students are able to develop their musicality, movement, confidence and coordination in a 45-minute class. Tutus and fairy outfits are welcome!


RAD training is one of the most popular forms of classical ballet training in Australia and is recognised by dance institutions around the world. The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) was established in 1920 to enhance the quality of training delivered within the UK. Through specialised training programs for teachers, the academy was able to encourage them to perfect their skills and enrich the atmosphere of the classroom. The RAD have created a tailored syllabus for each level that develops a range of different dance skills required to progress to the next stage. From pre-primary to the vocational grades, each exercise offers something different and valuable for the student to improve their technical ability and performance quality in the classroom. There are a number of national and international competitions associated with the RAD such as the Isobel Anderson Memorial Awards in Sydney or the Genée International Ballet Competition which is held in a different country each year. We have several RAD trained teachers at Dance102 that prepare students for their RAD examinations throughout the year and maintain small class sizes to enhance the student’s learning.

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