Ballet – Baby and RAD

Dance102 offers quality ballet classes in Sydney for students aged 3-18. We have classes at a wide range of levels with some dedicated towards examination work and others that follow the structure of competitions and auditions. We believe that ballet gives our dancers a strong foundation for the other styles of dance that they learn, so we like to encourage all our students to work towards their RAD examinations or attend open classes to build strong technique.

Ballet originated in renaissance Italy and was developed as an art form in both France and Russia. Pointe was not introduced until the early 1800’s and the design of the shoe has changed substantially since to give the dancers more comfort, flexibility and stability through their foot and ankle.

The technique learnt through ballet provides a strong basis for many other dance styles. The exercises are designed to help students learn how to point their feet correctly and use their metatarsals, stretch through the knee to create better lines with their body and turn out from the top of the leg to build strength in the correct muscles and prevent injury. Ballet is also important to develop the port de bras (arm movements) and core strength of the dancer as this is important to enhance lines and make the transition between steps seamless. These skills, among many others, are ingrained in a dancer through classical ballet training and will improve their overall technical ability and strength in other areas of dance.

In recent years, ballet has taken the spotlight with the success of TV shows such as Dance Academy and Breaking Pointe and movies like Ballerina and Disney’s Nutcracker and the Four Realms. If your children are interested in starting ballet or dance classes in Sydney, Dance102 is the place for you. Our experienced team of teachers love keeping children engaged in dance and have a wealth of knowledge to pass on to their students.


Baby Ballet

These classes are designed for students that are 3-4 years old and offer a great introduction to ballet through a combination of basic technique and imaginative exercises that are fun and exciting for the children. The students are able to develop their musicality, movement, confidence and coordination in a 45-minute class. Tutus and fairy outfits are welcome!


RAD training is one of the most popular forms of classical ballet training in Australia and is recognised by dance institutions around the world. The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) was established in 1920 to enhance the quality of training delivered within the UK. Through specialised training programs for teachers, the academy was able to encourage them to perfect their skills and enrich the atmosphere of the classroom. The RAD have created a tailored syllabus for each level that develops a range of different dance skills required to progress to the next stage. From pre-primary to the vocational grades, each exercise offers something different and valuable for the student to improve their technical ability and performance quality in the classroom. There are a number of national and international competitions associated with the RAD such as the Isobel Anderson Memorial Awards in Sydney or the Genée International Ballet Competition which is held in a different country each year. We have several RAD trained teachers at Dance102 that prepare students for their RAD examinations throughout the year and maintain small class sizes to enhance the student’s learning.


Contemporary dance developed from a combination of styles using the technical precision and strong lines of ballet and the fluid movement and use of the torso from modern dance. Having developed during the mid-twentieth century, this dance style is renowned for its versatility and continual evolution as different choreographers find new ways of moving and incorporate new elements into their works.

As the number of modern dance companies increase, the amount of brilliant contemporary works being created also grow. As well as Sydney Dance Company, many wonderful international contemporary dance collectives have toured Australia in recent years. Many world-renowned ballet companies are also dancing a range of contemporary works, often included in triple bills. Contemporary dance has also seen popularity through music videos such as Sergei Polunin’s take on Hozier’s hit song Take Me to Church.

At Dance102 our contemporary classes employ contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery and improvisation alike to modern dance with unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction. We challenge our students to find new ways of moving and strive for the strength, agility and fluidity that makes contemporary dance truly brilliant. These classes help students learn the technique and power necessary to audition for the Lyrical and Contemporary performance teams and for some students, the chance to learn a solo routine.


If you’re looking for jazz classes in Sydney, Dance102 is the place for you. Jazz is one of the most popular styles of dance for children to learn. It is fun, energetic and constantly evolving with pop culture and industry trends. Jazz can be traced back to the early twentieth century when it started as an African American social dance phenomenon. The fusion of blues and ragtime music brought jazz music to life and with it came jazz dancing. In the 1930’s, live musical theatre shows and movie musicals brought jazz to the world stage as prominent choreographers such as Bob Fosse, Jack Cole and Jerome Robbins became household names. Since then, it has become the subject of countless music videos, movies and fitness crazes.

At Dance102, our jazz classes are influenced by a range of different choreographic styles to give our students a taste of everything that jazz has to offer. From beginner to advanced levels, each class helps the student develop a strong sense of rhythm, dynamics and performance quality. Jazz is best complemented by classical training which gives the dancer the technique, grace, balance and control necessary to excel. We encourage all our students to continue their ballet training in order to build strength and improve their jazz technique.

If your child is interested in starting dance, jazz and ballet are always good places to start. With enough training, students will have the change to audition for our jazz performance groups which compete in local and national competitions throughout the year.

Hip Hop

Choosing the right Hip-Hop classes in Sydney can be difficult, but the team at Dance102 are committed to giving our students the best experience possible! Hip-Hop has been one of the fastest growing dance styles of the last 50 years. Since the 1970s when ‘Breaking’ started up in the Bronx, Hip-Hop has expanded into a range of different funk and street styles, some influenced by martial arts and gymnastics. Since the early days, Hip-Hop has been commercialised by a number of popular TV shows and movies including the ‘Step-Up’ series. Today, competitions where B-Boys and B-Girls compete are held across the world and broadcast online. With the rise of online media, many Hip-Hop dancers are initially self-taught through videos of battles between crewmembers that showcase the energy and freedom of the different hip-hop styles.

The classes on offer at Dance102 ensure that our students can appreciate the unique styles and sense of movement that Hip-Hop is all about. We want the students to develop their own rhythm and flair in a fun and supportive environment. If your kid can’t stop dancing to Flo-Rida, Rhianna or Drake, this could be the perfect class for them.


Acrobatics classes for kids are on the rise as household names like the Cirque de Soleil continue to inspire young minds and dance competitions expect more from pre-professional performers. Balance, agility and coordination are essential when it comes to acrobatics and they have been valued for thousands of years as it is believed to date back to Ancient Rome.

In the 19th century, the circus was a popular attraction and these touring acts regularly featured acrobats. The success of the Cirque de Soleil took the feats of acrobatics to the next level, incorporating incredible choreography, staging and costuming to create an immersive atmosphere for the audience. Elements of acrobatics have since been incorporated into forms of dance, even amongst pre-professional student performers.

Acrobatics class at Dance102 is one of the most popular lessons that the studio has to offer! The skills taught in this class can be applied to a range of different dance styles and can bring a bit of wow factor to any routine. The most important thing is our students’ safety, so it is our first priority to ensure that both our teachers and our students understand how to make sure skills are learnt and rehearsed the right way in the classroom. Whether you’re looking for a bit of circus fun or want to give yourself an edge in competitions, our acrobatics class is the place for you.


Tap dancing requires a special kind of shoe equipped with metal taps that are used by the dancer as a form of percussion. Tap dance developed from a mix of several different styles and gained popularity through American Vaudeville shows in the early 1900s. After a decline in popularity, tap dancing has seen another surge in recent years with the success of touring companies such as the Tap Dogs, the animated children’s movie Happy Feet and other film and television exposure.

Finding the right tap class in Sydney for your kids is so important as the quality of training and teachers they are given will have a huge impact on their enjoyment. In the tap classes at Dance102 we aim to give students a strong sense of musicality and rhythm to make their tapping the best it can be. From an early age, dancers will learn how to create the best sound and balance the flexibility required in the ankles with the power needed to excel in this style of dance.

Musical Theatre

Combining singing, dancing and acting, musical theatre is one of the most challenging and rewarding forms of entertainment. Dating back to ancient Greece, musical theatre has been enjoyed by cultures across the globe for thousands of years. From the Golden Age of musical theatre to the High School Musical franchise of the 2000s, this performing art has seen it all.

Musicals gained incredible popularity with international audiences from theatre classics such as Westside Story to more recent stage adaptations of children’s movies like the Lion King and Matilda. Historically, some of the world’s most popular movies have been musicals – think Singin’ in the Rain, Grease and the Sound of Music.

When it comes to musical theatre training in Sydney, there are a lot of places to choose from but Dance102 should be on your radar. Our team love training triple threat performers to excel in every aspect of musical theatre. We can prepare our students for auditions and teach them to be respectful and professional from a young age but the most important thing of all is that they have plenty of fun! If your child loves a bit of everything, our musical theatre class is the place for them.

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