Contemporary dance developed from a combination of styles using the technical precision and strong lines of ballet and the fluid movement and use of the torso from modern dance. Having developed during the mid-twentieth century, this dance style is renowned for its versatility and continual evolution as different choreographers find new ways of moving and incorporate new elements into their works.

As the number of modern dance companies increase, the amount of brilliant contemporary works being created also grow. As well as Sydney Dance Company, many wonderful international contemporary dance collectives have toured Australia in recent years. Many world-renowned ballet companies are also dancing a range of contemporary works, often included in triple bills. Contemporary dance has also seen popularity through music videos such as Sergei Polunin’s take on Hozier’s hit song Take Me to Church.

At Dance102 our contemporary classes employ contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery and improvisation alike to modern dance with unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction. We challenge our students to find new ways of moving and strive for the strength, agility and fluidity that makes contemporary dance truly brilliant. These classes help students learn the technique and power necessary to audition for the Lyrical and Contemporary performance teams and for some students, the chance to learn a solo routine.

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