Choosing the right Hip-Hop classes in Sydney can be difficult, but the team at Dance102 are committed to giving our students the best experience possible! Hip-Hop has been one of the fastest growing dance styles of the last 50 years. Since the 1970s when ‘Breaking’ started up in the Bronx, Hip-Hop has expanded into a range of different funk and street styles, some influenced by martial arts and gymnastics. Since the early days, Hip-Hop has been commercialised by a number of popular TV shows and movies including the ‘Step-Up’ series. Today, competitions where B-Boys and B-Girls compete are held across the world and broadcast online. With the rise of online media, many Hip-Hop dancers are initially self-taught through videos of battles between crewmembers that showcase the energy and freedom of the different hip-hop styles.

The classes on offer at Dance102 ensure that our students can appreciate the unique styles and sense of movement that Hip-Hop is all about. We want the students to develop their own rhythm and flair in a fun and supportive environment. If your kid can’t stop dancing to Flo-Rida, Rhianna or Drake, this could be the perfect class for them.

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