Just like many dance studios in Sydney, at Dance102 we love to give our students the
chance to perform in concerts or even competitions during their time at our school.
Performing is one of the greatest things a dancer gets to experience but even the seasoned
professionals get jitters before going on stage! Here are a few tips to make sure you can
tackle performance nerves before your next big day.

Practice makes perfect!
The best defence against performance nerves is confidence. From ballet classes to Pilates,
there’s a lot of time in the studio that you can spend building strength but it’s always good
to dedicate some of your own time to practice as well. The more you practice a routine, the
more it becomes automatic. Once you know the steps back to front, it’s easier to think
about different corrections from your teachers as you work through the routine. Applying
these corrections and continually improving the standard of your routine is a great feeling!
This extra confidence is one of the many things that can help you confidently step onto
stage time and time again.

Visualise Success
Thinking about all the things that could go wrong is never productive. The best way to
prepare yourself for getting onstage is to imagine doing every single step perfectly. A lot of
research has shown the benefits of using visualisation to improve real skills since the same
parts of the brain are activated. By combining regular practice at home with visualisation
techniques, you’re bound to build the confidence you need to tackle those nerves!

Food makes a difference
A little sugar won’t hurt but don’t overdo it before the performance! If you have too much
sugar or caffeine it can make you even more jittery. The last thing you want is your energy
levels to crash after a sugar high, so the best thing to do is to eat a low GI meal a few hours
before and have regular sips of water. Remember that if you are having a few lollies for a
little extra energy before you go onstage, try to pick white or pink ones. Coloured lollies will
make your tongue a funny colour for the show!