We want your kids to have fun, respect each other and be safe. We’ve hired the absolute best teaching talent in Sydney to help us achieve those goals and we ask you to let them do their job free of interruption wherever possible.

We have a number of sensible policies that we ask parents to be aware of to get the most from their experience at Dance102


Our payment terms are 14 days from invoice.

Administration and debt chasing is a real distraction from our core business of developing the children and we appreciate your support in keeping your account up to date.

We have an eWay payments gateway to allow online credit card payments for your added convenience.

Regrettably a $10 administration fee will be charged for each overdue invoice reminder, which will be sent fortnightly from 14 days after invoice date for any account not settled.

For performance team members, payment plans can be arranged through accounts@dance102.com.au.


Dance102 Jackets can be purchased through accounts@dance102.com.au

The following attire is required in each class.

  • Ballet Grade 1-2: RAD “Rosa” Pink Leotard with matching elasticised belt, short pink ballet socks, pink ballet shoes with elastic, black low heel character shoes, black character skirt with pink ribbons. (All classical Ballet attire can be purchased at Bloch Dance Wear Chatswood or Warringah Mall)
  • Ballet Grade 3-5: RAD “Rosa” Pink Leotard with matching elasticised belt, Theatrical pink ballet tights, ballet shoes with elastics, black Cuban heel character shoes and black character skirt with pink ribbons
  • Intermediate Foundation & Open Ballet: RAD Black Leotard, Theatrical pink ballet tights, ballet shoes with elastics, Pointe shoes with ballet ribbons.
  • Jazz/KTJ: Black jazz shoes, dance attire – dance pants, dance tights, crop top and singlet
  • Contemporary/Acrobatics: Same as above with bare feet
  • Tap: Same as above with tap shoes
  • Hip hop: Sneakers/Hip Hop shoes, baggy pants

Please Note: For all ballet classes – student’s hair must be in a BUN. For all other styles hair must be pulled back off the face.

Pick Up/Drop off and Viewing

Parents are kindly asked to drop off and collect students promptly before and after class. Whilst student safety will always remain our priority, we are not able to provide childcare facilities after class. Parents are asked to make arrangements for younger children to be picked up immediataley after class and for our more independent students to be instructed to make their way directly home safely after class.

Please note, class viewing is strictly prohibited under our duty of care to the students and other parents. We appreciate your understanding on this sensitive issue.

Stranger Danger 

Without wishing to cause unnecessary alarm, we ask all parents and carers to take extra caution dropping off and picking up students.   Furthermore, Dance102 would like to remind all students to be vigilant around strangers. Please report any suspicious behaviour to a member of the Dance102 team and we will notify the police.

If you are running late for pick up, please notify a member of our team.

Make up Lessons.

Kids get sick. We understand. If your child is unwell or injured and unable to attend class as a result, they are welcome to come and join any other class for their age group at any point during that term.

Change Room

Our change room is for mums and students only please. Storage boxes are for our dancers to get ready before class and leave their street wear in. Our change room and storage boxes are not for our dancers to leave half of their sushi roll or the remainder of their boost juice in! Please ask them to make sure that they take care of all personal items. Which leads us nicely on to…

Lost Property

All parents and dancers are kindly reminded that the changing room and bathroom facilities at Dance102 are not secure. Belongings are therefore left here at your own risk. Dance102 cannot accept blame or responsibility for any lost or stolen property resulting from the use of these changing rooms.

Having said that, lost items at Dance102 don’t often go too far. See our friendly reception for lost property and/or chat to the other parents on our Facebook parent’s page

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