If you’re looking for jazz classes in Sydney, Dance102 is the place for you. Jazz is one of the most popular styles of dance for children to learn. It is fun, energetic and constantly evolving with pop culture and industry trends. Jazz can be traced back to the early twentieth century when it started as an African American social dance phenomenon. The fusion of blues and ragtime music brought jazz music to life and with it came jazz dancing. In the 1930’s, live musical theatre shows and movie musicals brought jazz to the world stage as prominent choreographers such as Bob Fosse, Jack Cole and Jerome Robbins became household names. Since then, it has become the subject of countless music videos, movies and fitness crazes.

At Dance102, our jazz classes are influenced by a range of different choreographic styles to give our students a taste of everything that jazz has to offer. From beginner to advanced levels, each class helps the student develop a strong sense of rhythm, dynamics and performance quality. Jazz is best complemented by classical training which gives the dancer the technique, grace, balance and control necessary to excel. We encourage all our students to continue their ballet training in order to build strength and improve their jazz technique.

If your child is interested in starting dance, jazz and ballet are always good places to start. With enough training, students will have the change to audition for our jazz performance groups which compete in local and national competitions throughout the year.

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