Tap dancing requires a special kind of shoe equipped with metal taps that are used by the dancer as a form of percussion. Tap dance developed from a mix of several different styles and gained popularity through American Vaudeville shows in the early 1900s. After a decline in popularity, tap dancing has seen another surge in recent years with the success of touring companies such as the Tap Dogs, the animated children’s movie Happy Feet and other film and television exposure.

Finding the right tap class in Sydney for your kids is so important as the quality of training and teachers they are given will have a huge impact on their enjoyment. In the tap classes at Dance102 we aim to give students a strong sense of musicality and rhythm to make their tapping the best it can be. From an early age, dancers will learn how to create the best sound and balance the flexibility required in the ankles with the power needed to excel in this style of dance.

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