Kids have a lot of energy and there are a wide range of dance classes in Sydney to help keep
them active and happy. From acrobatics to RAD ballet training, there’s plenty for kids to try
and there are a lot of reasons why dance is a great choice to make.

It’s definitely a workout!
A lot of people don’t realise how exhausting dance can be. Dancing engages every part of
your body – arms, legs, core and more! If you’re rehearsing a high intensity routine for an
hour, you could be using up a lot more energy than you would in a run. Most dance classes
will have a higher energy component at the end where you practice big jumps but some will
demand a lot of energy from the students throughout.

Improves flexibility
The way you move your body in different styles of dance encourages a certain level of
flexibility. This is easier to develop at a young age but dance students are able to maintain
this flexibility into their teen years with the right training. Flexibility is important to
preventing injuries both in dance and other kinds of exercise.

Trains balance and coordination
Core strength utilises one of the most important muscle groups a young dancer builds and
it’s essential to both balance and coordination. These skills are transferable and often mean
that dancers have more natural ability in other forms of exercise and team sports.

Develops pattern recognition and memory
The amount of choreography that children need to learn quickly strengthens their cognitive
abilities. As well as remembering different routines, it’s also important for students to
remember the corrections their teachers give so that they can continue to improve. This is a
skill that children will use throughout their lives, as taking and applying constructive
criticism is something they will continue to experience in their studies and in the workplace.

Active kids program
Dance102 is a registered provider of the Active Kids program. This means that parents can
claim and redeem a $100 Active Kids voucher per school-enrolled child to cover some of the
costs of our dance classes. This is a great initiative by the NSW Government and we’re
excited to be a part of the program.